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Juliet 🌺🌈☀️



Whiskey + Moonlight © Day 12

But today is a new day. A science podcast plays in earphones snuggly placed; something about giving up alcohol for better sleep, less suffering, a habit to kick… For me, the soothing golden liquid helps me with my job–ha, I’m deluding no-one but myself–it requires not only attention but creativity. At the local bookstore I arrange the displays, moving things from here to there…tedious, all-consuming attention.

Then there’s you. I remember when we met, laughing and talking as we drove to meet the first light of day. Only us under the underpass. Tucked in your arms, incandescent waves radiated. And where are you today? Not here. I long for your touch, your breath, your smile. Your picture grips my attention. A breath escapes me. You are my screensaver. You are my life saver, hard and sweet.

“Oh hey,” a colleague says, opening the door.

Here’s to another day on displays.

Juliet 🥃+🌓

p.s. Future posts of Whiskey + Moonlight are going to be spread out a bit more. A story is funny that way, constantly changing and growing into what it wants to be. I won’t necessarily post every day, although I might. So stay tuned as the story continues… If you are enjoying the story so far, please leave me a comment and say hello. As always, thanks for stopping by.

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Whiskey + Moonlight © Day 11

They never asked if I was ok. And that hurt. I get it. Words are difficult in some situations, but it still hurts. Moving on is a matter of opinion. The truth is out in the light of the sun and so is not accessible to me. I live obscurity. 

Juliet 🥃+🌓

#Whiskey + Moonlight © 2019 #fiction #prose #poetry