My Three Words for 2011


The first three words I chose were different words. They were good words just different. I happened to look down at the rubber bracelet I had made over the holiday’s and felt like a dummy. The bracelet reads: laugh often, love much, believe always.

My three words. All pretty much self-explanatory.

I’ve stamped these words into some jewelry pieces I made last year and they’ve become part of my daily creative life process. I’ve tried to share these words. They have energy. They have power. They have freedom. They inspire me.

When I read these words I remember that I can. I remember that I have people in my life who believe in me. This gives me hope. I am loved. I am free to live each moment to the fullest, enjoying the wonders that are given to me. I can see the humor of our lives in the beauty of our lives. We are all possible of so much more than we realize.

I choose to reach out and live it.

Do you?

juliet 🙂

***I neglected to say that this post was inspired by a post I read today written by Steffan Antonas.***

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