One Week Down, Seven To Go

This is almost the end of the first week in Adventures in Manifesting and I’d thought I’d give you a little update. Things are going very well with this group. Better than I would have imagined. I’ve kept up with the daily checklist and staying in touch with the people in the group. Even though we’re still getting to know each other, everyone is very nice and extremely supportive, helping each other to keep motivated.

Over the years I’ve tried many self-help techniques but none of them really kept me motivated for very long. I think it’s because the earlier techniques were attempted on my own. With this group we’re doing it together. There’s a certain level of trust being generated through this group, one that tells all of us involved that we aren’t alone in dealing with the obstacles that pop up in the face of new challenges and adventures. It’s part of the process to learn how to say,” Fine, it’s an obstacle. I can either let it stop me or I can go through it… I choose to go through it.” It’s about being honest with ourselves. It’s about learning how to have fun in our everyday lives and to live them with the utmost passion. If we can’t learn how to do that we might forever be stuck.

We’ve all made commitments to FINISH the course. It is a way to honor ourselves. To honor our own dreams and desires. I’m so glad AIM came to me when it did. It’s just the needed push for me to move forward out of the tar pit of my fear.

If you haven’t already looked into the Adventures in Manifesting e-course, take a look. It couldn’t hurt. It might be just the push you need.

With gratitude and love,

juliet 🙂

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