Wine, Words and Chocolate

For today’s post I thought I’d write about wine, words and chocolate. Why? Because it’s Friday and that means a weekend to fill doing things we enjoy. For me that would be wine, words and chocolate. Of course.

What do wine, words and chocolate have in common? All three are yummy and delicious on their own but they do share one thing, passion. We can experience life in its simplest form. Through our senses: taste, touch, sight, hearing and smell.

The differences in wine and chocolate are as subtle as the differences in words making each one unique. By that I mean the differences in wine and chocolate are immediately different depending on how they taste and the aroma but in sentences its word choice and how they’re structured.

One sentence is all telling and no showing… blah, blah, blah.

One sentence is all showing and no telling…that’s really psychedelic!

One sentence is an overload of information…hey, this is too much like school.

One is short but sweet…mmmm, that was yummy.

Only by continually reading can we learn to distinguish writing that stands out above the rest. Each person is unique so it’s no surprise that what one person thinks is the best thing ever written, the next won’t. It doesn’t matter. Keep reading. Find what you enjoy and just read for the sheer pleasure and enjoyment that comes from reading. Like a quote or sentence that stays with you long after you put the book down, the same is true with wine and chocolate which requires an enormous amount of tasting to distinguish good from bad. But, please, just not all at the same time, otherwise taste won’t matter so much after a while. The only thing that will matter will be finding someplace to lie down, unless you pass out first.

Become the type of reader that slows down to savor the words, to reflect on the words, to feel the cadence and melody of the sentences. As you savor each word, allow them to slide down the palette like a great glass of Pinot Noir or a deliciously decadent piece of dark chocolate. Let them melt into your mind and linger for sometime, which will allow them to seep into the depths of the mind, filling it with the energy and passion of new words.

It’s exhilarating for the mind, body and soul.

It takes us to faraway places and new realms of existence we wouldn’t have discovered on our own.

This weekend, as you enjoy your next glass of wine, good book or yummy piece of dark chocolate,  I say “Salute!” to you. May it be inspiring.

juliet 🙂

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