Write Here Write Now

Yesterday was May Day, a symbolic day when we awaken from our winter slumber to the beauty of spring and all the beauty and possibilities waiting for us.  It reminds us of the slumbering passions within ourselves and motivates us to go after them. My passion has always been words and writing. What is it about writing that attracts me so much? Well, I’ve tried to figure that out for most of my life but it seems that I enjoy the act of putting pen to paper or the typing them into the computer to create something unique, possibly profound. You could say that I’m obsessed with the idea of writing but over and over I struggle with the  act of writing. Why? Because I never allow myself to truly have a voice. I mean, I give my ideas and opinions all the time, even when they aren’t even asked for, but I’m not sure that’s the same as having a voice, one that can speak from a place of knowing that no matter what, I know who I am and I know what I believe in. I believe that when you write from that place, that truth inside yourself, you allow your reader to connect with you on a completely different level.

A friend of mine said to me not too long ago that I had to “own” my writing. At first I thought she was crazy. What could she possibly mean by that? Of course I own my writing or I wouldn’t have written it or shown it to her, but what I think what she was really saying is that I need let go, to get out of my way and let my heart out on the page, one hundred and fifty percent. A writer  must be honest with the reader, being accountable for every word. I have to give myself over to my words and let them have the energy they so crave and I have to stop apologizing for the words I write. Without doing that the reader will know I’m a fraud or a fake and an untalented one to boot. Another lesson I have yet to overcome is the one where I stop saying “I’m trying to do this…” or “I’m trying to do that…” but instead, to coin a phrase, to just do it. Period. End of story. Obviously, simply putting words on paper doesn’t mean it’s any good but so what? There’s always re-writes. That’s also what she meant. I have to learn how to write without letting fear and worry get in the way. I need to have fun writing. What a concept. Yikes!

Ok. So writing was my dream. Today it is my reality. From listening to advice from some very talented writer people, to reading authors who are known for good writing and spending time in the writing process I will discover my voice, my sense of self and the where and when of how my voice belongs out in this great big world we live in. As I keep saying during the process of my writing journey, words have power, an energy that could go well beyond what I write and maybe, just maybe, my words could give someone the tools they need to get started on their own path of self discovery.

Thanks for letting me share with you. I hope your day is full of passion!

juliet 🙂

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