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The other morning my creative voices woke me from a much-needed deep sleep and had plenty to say. The voices were pushing and prodding me get my butt out of bed and into the chair.  As I’ve told you in other posts, I’ve had a tough journey over the last year and a half, one that began with the decision to take a writing workshop.  I don’t think I could have anticipated what happened during the workshop.

They validated not only my writing but me as well.

And it scared the bejeezus out of me. The ladies in my group liked my writing and all I could think to do was get the hell out of dodge as fast as I could and never go back. That’s my calling card: Runs away when faced with praise.

But instead of running away I decided it was time to put myself out there by sharing my desire to write with other people by blogging,  twitter and by furthering my education by enrolling the Creative Writing Program offered online at UCLA.

Through my online classes I learned that  a healthy workshop environment is all about helping a writer understand when something is working and when something isn’t.  A workshop is about support not about bashing the writer. They gave me their thoughts and ideas to use during re-writes or not. More importantly, I realized I wasn’t alone and that I am a writer.

We all struggle with our abilities as writers but the key to success is to write everyday. That’s it. It’s that simple.  We may never get published or end up on the best sellers list but we will write and we will improve.

All of this leads me to my point. I had the honor of meeting some really wonderful women during my online classes through UCLA and I began an online Facebook group with them. It’s our safe place. During our class these women went above and beyond to show support and enthusiasm for the craft of writing and to support each other’s dreams. We’ve all gone on to other classes but can’t seem to find the same level of camaraderie that our class had. I think we have a special group. When some of the ladies began to throw around the idea about starting their own blogs I asked them to do “guest posts” here until they get their own blogs going. We are all so excited to share the journey and show support for other writers that struggle with staying positive and finding motivation.

I feel that if something is a dream it is worth pursuing no matter what. But we always have to remember it’s the work that will eventually make us better writers not just the desire.

I hope you enjoy getting to know these amazing women as much as I have.

As always, thanks for stopping by,

juliet 🙂

5 thoughts on “guest posts

  1. Great post, Juliet. I’m inspired to get my butt in the chair today and keep plugging away on my novel until I finish my last bit–about 20,000 words to go. It’s doable. I just have to keep reminding myself I am a writer.


  2. What a generous idea! We writers need a caring audience to help us understand if we are getting our message across effectively. Otherwise, we’re just pouring ourselves out into space…..


    1. Thank you Christina. I really like the energy guest posts bring to my blog. It is wonderful to be able to share this space for the purpose of giving voice where there might not be one. These ladies inspire me to own my writing. Also, they help me to remember that by sharing our ideas we encourage each other on whatever path we may be on. Thank you for reading.


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