Finished: Failing Paris by Samantha Dunn

Recently, as I was perusing Twitter, I read a tweet about a book called Failing Paris written by Samantha Dunn. I’m not sure why this tweet stood out for me, but it did, so I signed into Goodreads so I wouldn’t forget ‘to read’ it someday. It turns out I already had it marked ‘to read’ way back in 2012.

So I bought the e-book for my iPad, and opened it to take a quick peek. Immediately the words spoke to me from a place inside lying dormant. A place connected to family, to a young girls life, to a melancholy and drama reserved only for those taking their first steps into adult life.

Samantha Dunn’s writing is poetic.

Though the subject matter of Failing Paris is a difficult one: young Sabine away from her home in New Mexico, now living/going to school in Paris, finds herself faced with a problem in need of fixing.  The story gently weaves Sabine’s present with her past. It is pensive, evocative, strong.

Samantha Dunn brings the readers senses alive with her descriptions of the Land of Enchantment, and of Paris, and it is pure magic.

This is the sort of book I will re-read many times for the descriptive nuances alone. Samantha Dunn was a finalist for the PEN USA/West Fiction Prize 2000. Her writing is beautiful.

juliet 🙂




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