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Day 3 – HARVEST YOUR DREAMS dreams “All that we see or seem is but a dream within a dream.” ― Edgar Allan Poe The one who is ruled by Mind, without sleeping, puts her senses to sleep, so that unseen things may emerge from the world of the Soul. Even in her waking state, she dreams dreams, and opens thereby the gates of Heaven. [III, 1833-4] ~ Rumi Dreams… Definition: 1. A series of thoughts, images, and sensations occurring in a person’s mind during sleep. 2. To contemplate the possibility of doing something, or that something might be the case. Not only are dreams the things that fill our nights, but they are also the daydreams and desires of things we wish for during our days. There is energy behind them, good, bad, or otherwise. When harvested, we are given a plethora of material to use in our creative lives. Dreams offer us a way to work through the garbled mess. Dreams can connect things in ways our waking minds cannot. Dreams open the door to infinite possibilities. Starting tonight, if you don’t already, keep paper or a notebook next to the bed. Upon waking, write down everything you remember, even if it doesn’t make sense. Save it. When you’re ready, read it, savor the words and images. Use them to plant seeds that will blossom into new and exciting words on the page. DAILY JOURNAL Try to remember one of your dreams from last night, or sit for a few minutes and allow yourself to daydream. Once you’re ready, grab your pen and paper, and write freely using stream of conscious. Don’t overthink it. Let it all out on the page. At this stage the critic is ignored. Most of all have fun. POEM louise-driscoll-readers-diary-hold-fast-your-dreams-star-news-pasadena-ca-9-jun-1959 ©juliet&colette2014 SOURCES: PICTURE: UNKNOWN POEM:

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