DAY 6 REVITALIZE ~ The Season of Writing



To imbue something with new life and vitality.

“Trust in what you love, continue to do it, and it will take you where you need to go.”
― Natalie Goldberg

Revitalization isn’t starting over, it’s the first step in renewal, a blending of old ways with new ways. For autumn, find any neglected, forgotten, mundane thing in your life and revitalize it. Whatever you find, let it take you out of your comfort zone for a moment, and write out any and all emotions, thoughts, or ideas to grow within your creative endeavor.

Daily Journal:
Look through your writing, pick something that stands out. Play with it. Revitalize dormant words with new energy. Create something new.

Embracing My Essence

My essence of being in which I remain,
The pursuance of dreams I wish to obtain

Melody of my soul shall sing me a song,
Embracing my essence to which I belong

Facing myself, What shall I find?
Trials endured through the hands of time

Parallels of my mind echo away,
Speaking the moments of my yesterdays

Recollection of memory embedding my thoughts,
Untangling my spirit amongst the knots

Conquering confusion consuming my soul,
Releasing the madness taking its toll

Pursuing the future with hope by my side,
Beauty of my essence no longer shall hide

Shining my light upon my darkened heart,
Stitching the pieces fallen apart

Revitalization of past stories told,
Essence of my healing starting to mold

Beginning again on this long winding trail,
Into my future my essence shall sail
~Roxie Perry

Ever grateful,
Juliet & Colette



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