I’m avoiding doing what brings me joy.

For now.

Because, lately it doesn’t bring me joy, it brings me frustration, pressure, and just makes me plain cranky.

You see, last weekend I had a melt down and put ALL my writing away. I cleared off my desk and vision board. Anything and everything that resembles writing was put in a cabinet and locked away to give me some space.

So this is me avoiding writing.

I’ve watched copious amounts of Netflix — constantly on while I’m working at my day job;   I’ve listened to a variety of Podcasts. I’m reading about six different books at the moment. Plus, I am now an Independent Consultant for Rodan + Fields skin care — which I absolutely love also. (Message me if you’d like more info about the products.) 

All to keep my mind busy, distracted, full. And I’m ok with it.

Recently I signed up for Blue Apron. We get three meals a week that I get to choose. WE LOVE IT. Each week there are new and different recipes to try and we get all the ingredients needed. This makes cooking with Blue Apron effortless and relaxing. As I take out the ingredients for a recipe, I feel like I’m shopping from my own kitchen. It’s really sort of fun.

Then, I pour a glass of wine and I cook. The minimal chopping, boiling, and frying is strangely satisfying.

Yes, I’ve avoided writing, but there are many other ways I can be creative and, for now, I’m ok with it.

On the menu tonight: Paprika Shrimp & Cheddar Grits.

Check out Blue Apron for yourself. I think you’ll like it.

If you’ve tried their service I’d love to hear what you like about it.


p.s.  I don’t receive compensation of any kind from Blue Apron for suggesting their service. Just wanted to pass on the info.



  1. I always thought of writing as a blessing and a curse. Kurt Vonnegut said how boring it was to write but he kept at it until his death. I write poetry because it is not as overwhelming as writing a novel or a short story. I can work on one poem, tinker with it for a couple of weeks at times and then let it go for the most part. I have a good idea for a novel but it kind of frightens me the thought of investing so much of myself into a project that could take years and then have nothing to show for it. I wrote three novellas when I was young and remember being so much into the mindset of the characters that I had to battle depression, the characters weren’t happy people and neither was I. I totally get how you are feeling. The worst thing about it is that when you stop writing you get that nagging urge to write again. Maybe writers suffer from a type of mental illness that has yet to be defined.


    1. Hi Rod, writing is a blessing and a curse for sure, and I have to agree that there is definitely a type of mental illness writers suffer from. I’ve had this discussion with many of my writer friends and we all agree that the urge to write and the opposite and equal reaction of wanting to curl into a ball and never write again is… normal for us. THANK YOU for your comment and support. BTW, I really enjoy your poetry. I too tend to go back to poetry when I’m overwhelmed by the commitment of the novel process. Feel free to share your links here.


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