Let’s talk about FEAR.

It is the ultimate bad word. One we all carry around like our smartphones. It’s always within reach. Daily it whispers tiny white lies and we believe them. Or at the very least we entertain them long enough to do damage. Each lie a link on a chain that stops us from fully realizing and living our dreams.

I say, starting today, take control, use the fear. Ask it what it wants. Listen to it. Write it down.

Then transform the fear into something new.


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(fear picture borrowed from duck duck go search: fear)

2 thoughts on “SINGLE STEP 365 ~ MINDFUL ~ WRITE YOUR LIFE ~ DAY 57

  1. Fear and ignorance are the only true evils in the world. Great post because not many write specifically about fear yet it drives many lives.


    1. I find that, especially at my age, I’ve given into FEAR too much through my life. That ugly beast has taken years from me. And it is the main reason I’ve decided to write these posts. I want to snap myself out of fear and into my creative life. Its baby steps right now but at least I’m moving forward. Thanks for reading!


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