Fat Tuesday is the day before Lent in the Catholic tradition. 

It is a day of excess and of storing up for the forty days of fasting to come. 

Even if you aren’t Catholic, my question for you is to ponder what you could “give up” in your daily life, for a such a short time really, to hopefully better yourself? To help you learn something profound about yourself… Something so simple as giving up a bad habit or a vice that could change you in immeasurable ways. 

For me, my goals are simple but personal, (I am not a practicing Catholic at the moment, but grew up Catholic, and on so many levels this tradition will always be a part of my life) however at the end, on Easter Sunday, I hope to come out the other side having learned a lesson of sorts. By giving up something I do daily, something that maybe isn’t always good for me, what can I learn about myself? How can having it or not having it in my life make me a better/different person? How does it change the way I interact with my family and friends? How does it help me accomplish my life goals??

So, my question to you is, what is your biggest vice? If you had to give it up for forty days, even as an experiment, how do you think it would affect you? How will it affect the way you look and life and everything it contains. How could it change you for the better?


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2 thoughts on “SINGLE STEP 365 ~ MINDFUL ~ WRITE YOUR LIFE ~ DAY 59

  1. As a counter balance to lent there should be a day, week month of adopting a virtue, something added to better one’s life and those around him/her!

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