Last week my son and I went to the Norton Simon Museum. It was inspirational. We took many pictures. Yes, it’s allowed there. This week we went back. Instead of taking pictures, I WROTE the pictures using my moleskin and favorite pen. Oil paintings, pastels, bronze and marble. I immersed myself into the art. What the artist might have thought, the colors, the textures, the beauty, the sadness.

Now I each is indelible. And all mine.

Degas dreams muted; Renoir’s tender eyes; Van Gogh’s angular bedroom; swirled fire mulberry; pink moment hangs over speckled sheep; verdant lush landscapes imprisoned in gilded gold; reverence and hushed voices; love spreads colors like tears; she lies seductive, her flowered black shawl drapes fleshy curves; veils drape transparent marble.

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. Life is so much more.

Immerse yourself.


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