DAY 88


Movies take us places we’d never dream of, they expand our vision and beliefs, and they are just plain fun. One movie I enjoy that encompasses all of those things is Stranger Than Fiction. It’s about an IRS agent, played by Will Ferrell, who hears the voice of a women who is narrating his life. The characters, plot, and setting are strong. The movie is humorous, sad, unique. It shows just how connected we all are, especially in midst of the creative process. Plus, after I watch this movie, I always want to pick up my pen and do some writing.

Inspiration, fiction, and real life pulsate at the center of any narrative.

I would never write realistic prose. I don’t like people who try to write in a poetic style, but in the course of their book abandon it for realism, and weave back and forth like drunkards between surreal and the real.”

— Marguerite Young

Write with abandon.


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