I just found out what’s going bump in the night. Nope, it isn’t a ghost…

And I’m not happy about it.

There’s not only one skunk, but yes, there are two skunks cohabiting under the house. In the dim light of the night vision camera they look so happy, so comfortable, going in and out of the rather small hole. Who knew they could squeeze through such a small space? Lesson learned.

In honor of my daughter who used to call the cartoon skunk known as Pepe Le Pew, Pepe Me Pew, I thought I’d share this tiny tidbit. However, having said that, I must now find a way to get rid of them before the entire house smells like Pepe Me Pew and family. 🐾

Here’s to a non-smelly weekend! Wish me luck!🍀


P.S. Don’t forget it’s National Margherita Day!! Cheers!!🍸 Drink safe.

p.s.s. photo credit:

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