I’m on a mission to organize my computer files.

It’s overwhelming, the first step was to look up instructions on how to create and label documents, files, and folders.

Second, after many, many hours of figuring out what files I have and where they belong, I created a consistent way to label everything so I can find them. My documents, files and folders began to make sense. I hadn’t realized that I had so many duplicate documents spread out all across my computer. No wonder I could never figure the right one to work on.

For the first time my files resemble an actual file cabinet. What a weight off my mind. I’ve organized my desktop, my Scrivener files, and most of my documents and emails into manageable folders. Plus they can be accessed from all my devices. Whoo hoo!

If you feel like it’s difficult to spend time creating because you spend too much time looking your documents, take it from me, spend whatever time is necessary to organize your files and you’ll never look back. Plus you’ll be more productive. Bonus!

If you have any good tips for file organization to share, leave a comment. Good luck!


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