Versatile Blogger Award

I received a very nice hello on my blog from ruth.the.writer telling me she had chosen me for The Versatile Blogger Award. Thank you Ruth for giving me the award!! I immediately read her blog and found out she uses a wealth of knowledge about Florida history in her writing. Her blog is heart warming and fun. While your there, don’t forget to read her 200 word Flash Fiction story she wrote for the First Writer Challenge.

Exactly what is The Versatile Blogger Award? Well, if you’ve been tagged, you have to follow some rules (of course). Anyone who accepts the award is asked by the person selecting them to do three things:

1. Thank the person who gave you the award and link back to them in your post.
2. Share 7 things about yourself.
3. Pass this Award on to 15 recently discovered blogs and let them know about it!

Here are seven things about myself:

1. I get easily distracted.
2. I love my morning coffee.
3. Writing has been a part of my life since I first picked up a pencil.
4. I tend to let fear get in the way.
5. But I’m still a glass half full kind of person.
6.  I like watching the history channel and the science channel. My more nerdy side.
7. I tend to want to be a hermit but life keeps getting in the way.

Here are 15 blogs I’ve recently discovered through the Write Campaign with Rachel Harrie that I like. I hope you like them too.
1. 1000th Monkey
2. Cheerios and Pearl Stories
3. The Blogger Girlz
4. Lesann Berry
5. Isis Rushdan
6. Michael Haynes – A Writing Blog
7. Jennifer Groepl – Writer
8. Shelley Koon
9. The Writer Revived
10. Glitter Word
11. Alana Saltz
12. Sarah Ketley Author
13. Chasing Moonlight
14. Wordy Living ~ Andrea S. Michaels
15. Having Acquired the Words

I’m on my way over to each one to tell them they’ve been chosen. Tag your it!

Well, thanks again to Ruth Hartman Berge for choosing me as one of her 15. For those I’ve chosen, congrats! You all have amazing and inspiring blogs. I’m looking forward to getting to know you better during the campaign.

juliet 🙂

Flash Fiction Challenge for the Write Campaign

This is the first campaigner challenge given by Rachel Harrie for the Write Campaign.

Write a short story/flash fiction story in 200 words or less, excluding the title. It can be in any format, including a poem. Begin the story with the words, “The door swung open” These four words will be included in the word count.

If you want to give yourself an added challenge (optional), use the same beginning words and end with the words: “the door swung shut.” (also included in the word count)

Here is my story.

The door swung open as the icy air pushed its way past the unsuspecting crowd, weaving through effortlessly. A wisp of mist settles around the woman. Her long black hair tumbles over her shoulders as she laughs with some friends. Their faces a kaleidoscope of colors. She freezes. Only she was aware of the change. Without wanting to alert them she giggles in an automatic response to some wise crack while slowly reaching for what she needed.

The mist began to wind itself around their ankles, snaking its way slowly upwards. She tensed. The mist hesitated and electricity sparked in the air.

“Hey, do you feel that?” one of the asked, hair standing on end.

Eyes grew wide around the table.

She finally had what she needed. Once the necklace what out in the open the mist backed off slightly.

“Well that was weird.”, another stated.

If it was possible for her hair to stand on end it would have as the mist stood to its full height. His soft black wings unfurling as the shiny metal vessel around her neck flashed. His glowing eyes bore deep into her soul before turning and walking out as the door swung shut.

My story is exactly 200 words.

If you liked it please “like” it on Rachel’s blog. I am #254 on the challenge.


juliet 😉

Writing Journey – Step 1 – Write a Manifesto

The truth of the matter is that my family went through some pretty awful “family stuff” since the beginning of summer. Even though we’re still trying to get our bearings and “things” aren’t over just yet and our lives changed forever, life must go on.

One of my last posts was about writing a manifesto. I made a few attempts at writing my manifesto but each one was ultimately forgotten about because once I wrote it I never looked at it again. I didn’t commit.

What is a Manifesto?

A manifesto is a list of what is the most important in your life right now, at this moment, and it is a list of everything you think you want in your future. It is a list of absolutely everything you’d like to do, like to have, like to be in your life. There aren’t any wrongs. That’s one of the things so great about it. Your manifesto should be fun to write. It’s a little like a bucket list but is more than that. It shouldn’t just be crazy sort of ideas because so many of them will realistically be unattainable or you’ll simply not want to do them any more. The fantastical ideas add the fun but the list also has to have meaningful wants and desires.

Sounds easy enough right? Not really. Not if you’ve been accustomed to always finding a reason for putting yourself on the back burner or snuffing out your own candle before a strong breeze comes along to blow it out. It’s simple in theory but not so simple to live out.

Why should you have a Manifesto?

Your manifesto will give you clear goals for all areas of your life: work, family, fun, spiritual, whatever your goals may be.

How do you write your manifesto?

You don’t have to get metaphysical or spiritual to write your list but of course you can if you want to. A manifesto is a basic list, starting with one and ending with whatever. It can be as short and to the point as you want but a longer more detailed list is a lot more fun.

What’s the catch?

The catch is you have to live your manifesto. You have to look at it everyday while trying to bring your list alive with your actions. You can’t just sit back and stare at it. you must work for it. Nothing comes to those who wait. Cliche but true.

Words in action = kinetic energy = making your dreams come true= maybe being a happier more productive person.

Look, this isn’t fantasy land. Just because you write a manifesto doesn’t mean that miraculously your entire reason for being is going to make sense or you’re going to beam rays of sunshine.  Not happening. But what will happen is that as you look at your list each day and see it in action you might get more focused and more determined.

If along the way something on your list doesn’t fit, cross it off. So what? The manifesto a living breathing thing. It can change as we change. Let it go if it no longer fits with where you’re going. We all take steps in some direction every moment of our lives like an army of ants just following each other along. So why not take those steps on your own terms?

I finally have my manifesto. Why don’t you go write your own and see what happens?

Here is are a couple of links you might like to check out:

The Blog of Impossible Things This one is a personal new favorite. I think the idea    of an impossible list is fantastic!

Creative Creativity

How to write a Manifesto.

Good luck!

juliet 🙂

Write Campaign 2011

I happened to run across this on Twitter and thought it might be a good way to get connected with others like myself who are trying to find their way as new writer’s and bloggers.

What I’m referring to is theThird Writers’ Platform-Building Campaign hosted by Rachel Harrie.

How will I participate in the Write Campaign?

1. I will try to support others who are participating by visiting their blogs and interacting with them on Twitter or Facebook.

2. I will try to have new blogs posts regularly during the Write Campaign that will hopefully be inspiring and educational in some way.

I’m sure there are many other ways to participate which I will have to learn as I go.

Sign-ups end on August 31st so head on over and take a look. Why not get on the list before it’s too late?

The Write Campaign runs until October 31st.

juliet 🙂