Whiskey + Moonlight ©

I’m falling slipping, dripping, caught in a riptide, a sink hole. A whirlpool; an Ekman Spiral. I level my gaze on a horizon that sways. Your pain. My pain. A silent tug of war. 

The hallway outside the apartment smells like onions and garlic. For the moment I feel excitement. Inside, it’s quiet. Only empty bottles and dirty dishes. A note: sorry I missed you. You know how it  is. Hope you don’t mind… The acrid smell of a spent cigarette at the bottom of a glass. A small dandelion dangling on the edge of an empty beer bottle. So fragile. Too many wishes that don’t come true. I leave; walk, anywhere. 

juliet 🥃+🌑


There was a time 

I thought I was strong

My armor thins

Weakens with age

Dispersion and assaults 

Although distant and silent


A storm on the horizon

Days count down

Eyes downcast 

Flesh gives way

To final rest

Void of wrongs

~jk ©


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DAY 151

Be strong.

You are enough.

Believe and you will. 

It all sounds so cliche but there is truth in those statements. Sometimes in the struggle to believe we can we find out that we could all along.

It’s not always easy, and sometimes it’s a battle and it hurts, but hang in there. Don’t give up.

As time ebbs and flows so do these moments. 


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Single Step 365 ~ Write Your Life DAY 138

DAY 138


                National Suicide      


                800 273 8255

                It’s Ok Not To Be Ok 


YOU ARE NOT ALONE. There are people who care. Please reach out if you need someone to talk to.


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