Whiskey & Moonlight ©️ Day 5

DAY 5: I need to remember that at the end of every day, I am alone. I do everything with the intent of satisfying some primal, instinctive need/desire hoping I don’t f**k it up… Another shot before I lose my courage…It’s a new day. He texts. “Sorry about yesterday,” he says, “sometimes I just lose my mind.” I think, “I beat you to it.” He adds, “Want to meet for lunch?” Nothing wrong with free lunch, “Sure.”

Juliet 🥃+🌒

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DAY: 3 The crisp early sun weaves together things that did not exist before and calls into question last nights binge; to forget, to remember. I take into account that each step I take is grounded in a past drowned in an amber colored glass. Yet curiosity, possibly boredom, make me wander forward…  

I will post everyday at noon. Join me for a quick noon-time on-going story.

Juliet 🥃+🌙

#Whiskey&Moonlight©2018/2019 #kw2018/2019twitterstory #fiction #poetry

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Hi everyone!

Last year on 1/1/18, I began a twitter story that was supposed to run all year, but due to a flu that knocked me down for about three months and then other life stuff, the story didn’t get that far. Although it is not the first day of the year, and it’s a year later, I’m going to begin the story again. Last night on Twitter I posted Day 1. Today I will post Day 1 and Day 2 here and continue until…whenever. Let’s see how long I can write it.

I hope you enjoy it!


Day 1: This is not a love story… How could it be? It shouldn’t be, but last night a warm scotch and the shadow of a super moon illuminated the black hole of a cold broken heart…and I glimpsed things I never knew before… #kw2018/2019twitterstory

Day 2: The dance of Whiskey & Moonlight swirls and pulls life out on to the page. Raw, disconnected. Echoed silence whispers to me- go into the dream and I will be there… the shadow cast is wide, no more going inside… #Whiskey&Moonlight©2018/2019 #kw2018/2019twitterstory #fiction


Stay tuned.




I’m on a mission to organize my computer files.

It’s overwhelming, the first step was to look up instructions on how to create and label documents, files, and folders.

Second, after many, many hours of figuring out what files I have and where they belong, I created a consistent way to label everything so I can find them. My documents, files and folders began to make sense. I hadn’t realized that I had so many duplicate documents spread out all across my computer. No wonder I could never figure the right one to work on.

For the first time my files resemble an actual file cabinet. What a weight off my mind. I’ve organized my desktop, my Scrivener files, and most of my documents and emails into manageable folders. Plus they can be accessed from all my devices. Whoo hoo!

If you feel like it’s difficult to spend time creating because you spend too much time looking your documents, take it from me, spend whatever time is necessary to organize your files and you’ll never look back. Plus you’ll be more productive. Bonus!

If you have any good tips for file organization to share, leave a comment. Good luck!


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