small stone/tiny joule #17

small stone #17 (also posted in Writing Our Way Home Facebook Group)

the wind growls.

a predator ripping through

old growth as it anchors itself

to the earth.

arms sway with the ebb and flow,

faster, louder, it takes what isn’t secure.

scatters it, shatters it,

until it comes to rest,

somewhere, anywhere,

and becomes something new.


small stone/tiny joule #16

As inspired by Writing Our Way Home, once a day for January, tiny observations of the world around me.

I call them tiny joules.

small stone/tiny joule #16:

another day

her silence sits on my chest.

the hunger strike, a thousands

shards of glass that carve my heart.

anger presses,

I am stronger.

time doesn’t wait.

it runs, it leaps, it laughs.

all a memory

before she can live it.

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