These results are why I love R + F products. Look at her skin, how it glows, and her smile, that says it all. I get asked all the time if the products really work. See for yourself💖🙌🏼 Let me know if you want to feel like she does about her skin care regimen.



Hi everyone! As you may or may not know I am a consultant for Rodan + Fields, a premier skincare company based in San Francisco. I’ve used the products for a couple of years and absolutely love them. I’m always told my skin looks so healthy and fresh and I’m asked what I use. That’s why I’m writing this. I’m trying to get my business off the ground and wanted to ask for your help.

Why am I a consultant for R+F?

First, as I said earlier, I LOVE the products. Second, From the time I was a little I treasured time with my Mother learning about make-up and skin care. She, as most people have/do, grew up without much money, and mostly relied on natural products and skin care practices, but when she could afford to she would splurge on something special she had her eye on. Let me tell you, my Mother had the most beautiful, flawless skin I’ve ever seen. She took care of her skin and when she passed at 90 years old, her skin was just as beautiful as when I was a child. Taking care of herself made her happy. That’s a large part of why I want to share these products with you. I can tell you, if she were still alive, she’d tell me, “Why not? Do it! Where can I sign up?”.

If you or anyone you know would like to know more about not only these new products but the entire Rodan + Fields skincare line OR if you’d like to explore the Rodan + Fields business, send me a private message and/or share this post.

In the meantime, if you’d really like to help me, all I ask is that you leave a comment or question, anything at all, or just say hello😃👋🏼 (It’s good practice for me🙃)

Let’s talk!

I look forward to hearing from you!! Thank you in advance and have a beautiful day!

With love & blessings 💖 Juliet