DAY 64


Have a bite of chocolate. Preferably dark chocolate. It will supply you with feel-good endorphins and improve overall mood and concentration.

Happy writing.


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Last week my son and I went to the Norton Simon Museum. It was inspirational. We took many pictures. Yes, it’s allowed there. This week we went back. Instead of taking pictures, I WROTE the pictures using my moleskin and favorite pen. Oil paintings, pastels, bronze and marble. I immersed myself into the art. What the artist might have thought, the colors, the textures, the beauty, the sadness.

Now I each is indelible. And all mine.

Degas dreams muted; Renoir’s tender eyes; Van Gogh’s angular bedroom; swirled fire mulberry; pink moment hangs over speckled sheep; verdant lush landscapes imprisoned in gilded gold; reverence and hushed voices; love spreads colors like tears; she lies seductive, her flowered black shawl drapes fleshy curves; veils drape transparent marble.

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. Life is so much more.

Immerse yourself.


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DAY 61


I’ve participated in NaNoWrimo twice. National Novel Writing Month occurs during the month of November each year. I’ve completed NaNoWrimo once. The goal is to write 50,000 words in one month. That’s a lot of pressure. My writing wasn’t perfect, and most of the time rambled, but theres no denying the moment magic joined me and changed my writing life.

To be able to finish NaNoWrimo, I wrote all the time. While I watched/listened to TV, had conversations with family and friends, listened to music, even while I listened to audiobooks. It was a sort of dance between my hands, brain, and the unknown creativity waiting for me. Each day I set my goal and began writing. I’d wait to hear a word, phrase, or idea that would help to progress my narrative in unexpected ways. Little by little, words began to flow, sometimes like a stream and sometimes like a waterfall, but they kept coming. For the duration of Nanowrimo I made sure to be receptive to the bits and pieces of inspiration. Then I’d use them, transform them, in some way. My writing flourished and became alive as I wrote my way to 50,000 words. (NOTE: I never copied anything word for word. I used the magic to clarify direction, open a plot doorway, create more depth.)

Then, a couple of days ago, I was listening to a poetry podcast and a poet spoke about how she wrote her entire book using 4 completely unrelated books. None of them were poetry books, they were more educational in nature. Anthropology, spirituality, stuff like that. She highlighted words and phrases that stuck out, then she combined them into a poem, and eventually into an entire book of poems.

I felt validated. I became excited. I understood the message: I need to get out of my own way and let the magic happen. Keep an open mind, listen for the inspiration, transform my writing.

Why not give it a try?

Set a time limit and/or a word count. Start typing/writing. Soak everything in. Listen to the radio, or TV, or favorite podcast. Talk with people. But keep typing/writing. In the end, I hope you will be amazed at the richness you added to your writing by being open to the magic of creativity and be willing to work under a little pressure.


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A Novel ~ Maggie’s Shadow written by Morrine Depolo ~

cover for ebook

Written by Morrine Depolo
Artwork by Morrine Depolo

I’m fortunate to have met Morrine during an online class at UCLA, and it is also where I was privileged to read a small portion of Maggie’s Shadow. Even then, I knew this story was special, and that I wanted to read the entire manuscript once it was finished. Maggie’s Shadow is her first novel.

I’m honored and excited to know Morrine. She’s an inspiring and lovely person to all who are lucky enough to know her. I wish her all the success she deserves.

Now that we are finished with our thanksgiving meals, and are in need of a good book to read, I’m asking you to please support Maggie’s Shadow, by buying a copy today. You won’t be disappointed.

Following is a blurb she wrote for her first presentation of Maggies Shadow at Frazier Park Public Library on November 1, 2014. Enjoy!

As always,

Thanks for stopping by and don’t forget to let me know how much you like her book.

juliet 🙂

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By Morrine Depolo

Last Saturday, November 1st, with snow on the distant mountains and rain in the air, I braved the possible black ice on Mil Potrero to introduce my recently published novel, Maggie’s Shadow, at the Frazier Park Public Library. Being the focus of attention in such a forum was a first for me and I wondered if my nerves would survive the experience. They did, because the individuals who wandered into the Community Meeting Room had friendly smiles and appeared interested in what I had to say, and I especially enjoyed the questions that were posed at the end of my talk and the dialogue we shared as a result.

I love to write and prior to Maggie’s Shadow, I wrote poetry that has been published in local papers and many short stories, winning an award for one in a small writer’s magazine. The thought of writing a novel was intimidating but I wanted to give it a try and it found its inception with the 2010 NaNoWriMo challenge to write fifty thousand words. I wrote somewhat more and a very rough draft of Maggie’s Shadow was born — although the title came later.

The rest of the book was written and revised during my enrollment in the UCLA Extension Creative Writing Program — and one I highly recommend for anyone wanting to pursue their writing dreams under the expert guidance of friendly, knowledgeable and supportive instructors.

With the final manuscript completed earlier this year, I focused on revision and formatting the book along with painting the front cover illustration.

Maggie’s Shadow is a novel about the conflicts between a mother and daughter while it explores the emotional dynamics between family, friends and lovers. After a long absence and some misgivings, Maggie decides to return to her childhood home in the UK. While there, she endeavors to resolve the lifelong difficulties with her mother, claim a promised heirloom denied her, and properly put to rest the loss of her father. Maggie expects to have problems—what she least expects is to open her heart to new friendships. This is an intimate window into the depth of a woman. Revealing and heartfelt, Maggie exposes her inner darkness and shadow cast by irrational fears. With each step of her journey, she uncovers the gifts of love and compassion that provides invaluable insight and lets her own strength shine through.

I was born in the UK and am known to my family and friends as Mo. I completed my college education in the U.S., receiving my undergraduate degree cum laude from UCLA. I moved to the Los Padres Mountains four years ago from Santa Cruz and now live in Pine Mountain Club with my German Shepherd dog, Gaia, and cat Psyche. Many of my friends in the area are more familiar with my work in Frazier Park where I have my own practice as a California Licensed Massage Therapist.

When not writing or playing happily with my two little grandsons, I’m an avid reader. I also love to garden — when the furry four footeds permit things to grow — to paint, create beadwork of semi precious gemstones and to travel, especially to ancient sites like Chichen Itza and archaic European castles and churches, especially those where much is missing and wild flowers grow from their tumbled stones and one’s imagination provides the glory they once had.

I have a second novel planned that presently lies in disordered pile of drafts on my desk and coffee table but a more immediate priority is to get my website up and running. It’s close to becoming public and I plan to publish updates on Maggie’s Shadow and short stories along with blogs on this ‘n that and pictures of those things I find interesting—and hope my readers do too.

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 Morrine Depolo

Maggie’s Shadow on sale at: