DAY 123 


I don’t like spiders. At all.

A little while ago, I was deep in thought about writing and life and lo and behold I look at the bottom of the door and see a ginormous black widow. All of a sudden my worries and frustration’s disappeared but were replaced with fear. I just knew more would come out and surround me, climb up my legs, and bite me.

I know, an unhealthy, unrealistic fear. 

And then it hit me. I could use this moment to my advantage. Back inside I wrote down my feelings while fresh, and will use them to enhance my current WIP.

Take control. But stay away from the spiders! Just in case…


p.s. Having said all that, I’m still so freaked out by the spider that I can’t even look for a picture to set as main image. 😩 Oh well, baby steps…